I did the tree change to follow my dreams and to be closer to my partner of 8 years. I had Dreamt of living amongst the trees and getting back to nature. I love seeing cows and sheep on my way to work everyday. 

Grass Is Greener & Co is all about good old fashioned customer service. Honesty, we only want to see our customers walk out happy with their purchase, not feel they were talked into something they didn’t really want or like. Everything we stock we try really hard to be Ethical, we want to work with suppliers that are helping with our carbon imprint  promote women in business & quality for price, that's very important to us. Obviously we want as much product to be made in Australia, it's hard, but we really try.   

About me

I have worked in fashion since 2003, i was a single mum with a daughter. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. Ever since i was little I was always interested in Interiors and design. I was always creating different moods and vibes in my bedroom growing up. I would even use mum's antique lace table clothes for my bed linen. She didn't really like that. LOL 

Fashion, its in my blood. I did jewellery design at school. I did start interior design later in life as a single mum I couldn’t handle the work load.  

I think women are amazing! We are very special creatures. I want to help them feel positive and confident in their skin. 

Naomi Dunlop x