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BOOK - Find Your Mantra Journal: A Journal to Inspire and Empower Your Life


Harness the power positive affirmations to empower your dreams with the interactive Find Your Mantra journal.

The Find Your Mantra Journal is a beautifully designed tool to help you transform your life through the power of positive affirmations.

Mantras-positive phrases repeated during meditation to ignite optimism in daily life-are tools to help you construct your perfect "mind palace" and share your light with the people you cherish. Having a personal mantra can put you in the right mindset to seek out your best self.

The exercises and guided meditations in Find Your Mantra: A Journal help you reflect on your personal experiences in peace, love, happiness, strength, your individual journey, and more. Powerful journal prompts will help manifest each carefully selected mantra into a reality full of optimism, positivity, and mindfulness. Discover simple methods to be a little kinder to yourself, guidance on how to open your heart and mind to the life that you deserve, and uplifting affirmations to bring inspiration into your life.

Some mantras, mantra actions, and prompts include:


The dark is greedy, but you are bright. During meditations (or just when times are tough) flutter the eyelids closed. Elongate your neck and tilt your chin ever so slightly toward the sky. Find the sun in the dark. Everything will be alright. How can you open your heart and allow in more light?


Remove the word "mistake" from your vocabulary. You no longer mess up; you only open yourself up to opportunities for learning and growth. You only participate in "happy accidents." Welcome the wrong because from the foulest compost comes the most beautiful flowers. When was the suffering worth the "yes!" you committed to?


Always remember to be the change that you wish to see in the world and in your life. When a butterfly enters its chrysalis, it does not simply morph into a butterfly but it becomes liquid, shedding the vestiges of its former life entirely so that it can transform into its true body. Be this change; be something so entire and complete that you can't remember how gravity confined you to the ground for so long. How will you embrace change?

Whether you use this journal to help you grow in love and friendship or for little everyday pick-me-ups, Find Your Mantra will fortify your inner voice, and bring insight into your day-to-day life to empower your dreams.

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